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Speaking Russian Advanced. Let's Read Together. 

Anna Karenina. Leo Tolstoy.

Listen to "Anna Karenina" in Russian.

Transcript of the Summary Chapters and original text in Russian.

Each chapter of the novel is narrated in Russian and comes with a short summary of the chapter in English.

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Speaking Russian 1 (SR1)

1. Formal Greetings.

2. Informal Greetings.

3. "Good-bye" Part 1.

4. "Good-bye" Part 2.

5. How to address people.

6. What is your name?

7. Dialogues.

8. How are you?

9. Thank you, Fine.

10. Dialogues.

Speaking Russian 1

(Lessons 1-10. Lesson notes)

also available in Kindle format

Speaking Russian 2 (SR2)

11. Names.

12. Excuse me. Pardon.

13. Thank you. Please.

14. "Yes" and "No".

15. Numerals from 1 to 5.

16. Numerals from 6 to 10.

17. Days of the Week.

18. What is your occupation?

19. I am a doctor/ student.

20. "Where...?" questions.

Speaking Russian 3 (SR3)

21. Numerals from 11 to 15. 

22. Numerals from 16 to 20.

23. Numerals from 21 to 29. 

24. Counting in 10s from 30 to 100.

25. How old are you? 

26. I am... years old.

27. How to say it in Russian? 

28. "What is it in English?" 

29. I don't know/ understand.

30. Speak slowly, please.

Speaking Russian 4 (SR4)

31. Where is Red Square? 

32. Go straight on. Go left. Go right.

33. How much does it cost?

34. Numerals from 200 to 500 .

35. Numerals from 600 to 1000.

36. Rubles and Kopecks

37. Public Transport. 

38. Subway. Metro.

39. Are you getting (off) the bus?

40. In a taxi.

Speaking Russian 5 (SR5)

41. Do you speak Russian?

42. No, I don't speak Russian.

43. I speak a little Russian.

44. "Where do you live?"

45. Moscow doesn't believe in tears.

46. I live in...

47. Seasons.

48. Good/ Bad Weather.

49. It's cold/hot/raining...

50. Happy Birthday!

Speaking Russian 6 (SR6)

51. Big/ Small Family

52. Parents. Mother. Father

53. Grandparents

54. Russian Santa Claus.

55. A brother. A sister.

56. I have 1,2,3...sisters.

57. Merry Christmas!

58. Happy New Year!

59. Children. Daughter. Son.

60. I have 2-3-4 daughters/ sons.

Speaking Russian 7 (SR7)

61. I am (not) married.

62. Are you married?

63. My family. Nina.  

64. My family. Nikolay.  

65. I (don't) like...

66. I (don't) love...

67. Do you love...?

68. Coffee please

69. Still water, please

70. Let's...

Speaking Russian 8 (SR8)

71. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

72. Yesterday.Today.Tomorrow.

73. Yesterday was Monday.

74. What time is it?

75. How to tell time.

76. What would you like to eat?

77. Ladies ask Gentlemen to dance.

78. In a restaurant.Vocabulary.

79. I am a vegetarian.

80. "Bill please!"

Speaking Russian 9 (SR9)

81. A shop, a market.

82. Can I help you?

83. Colours in Russian,

84. A face, a mouth, ears...

85. Human body parts.

86. I have a headache.

87. How do you feel?

88. She has/ He has...

89. I'm on Holidays.


Speaking Russian 10(SR10)

91. Beautiful...ugly

92. She is tall

93. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd

94. Young, elderly...

95. Blonde, brunette...

96. Slim, Thin or Large

97. Boris and Marina.

98. It is not allowed...

99. It is allowed...

100. Have a nice weekend

Speaking Russian 11(SR11)

101. I need to...

102. Q&A

103. Presents. A Dialogue.

104. Christmas day

105. I'm going to...

106. Talking about plans.

107. Nationalities in Russian.

108. Questionnaire in Russian.

109. Air Travel Vocabulary.

110. At the airport (1).

Speaking Russian 12(SR12)

111. At the airport 2.

112. Cool! Well done!

113. A room. To rent a flat.

114. A ground floor.

115. Happy Valentine's day.

116. Rooms in a house.

117. A dialogue.

118. South-North-East-West

119. I think that...

120. Kind of

Speaking Russian 13(SR13)

121. It's boring/ silly...

122. How do you like the weather?

123. Tag questions.

124. Unfortunately...

125. Phone conversation.

126. Phone conversation 2.

127. Informal phone conversation.

128. Revision.

129. "To phone"

130. What's the plan for..?

Speaking Russian 14(SR14)

131. At the party

132. How do you like it here?

133. Have you heard that...?

134. Clothes Vocabulary.

135. Women's clothes.

136. Men's clothes.

136.1. Verb "can, may"

137. Footwear in Russian.

137.1. СКАЗАТЬ - to say.

138. "You're looking great!"

139. At the supermarket.

139.1. Verb "to speak".

140. A piece of cake.

140.1. Verb "to know".

Speaking Russian 15(SR15)

141. Few, most of...

141.1. Verb "to want".

142. As a matter of fact.

143. Why-Because-Therefore

143.1. Verb "to go, to walk"

144. Mistakes. Prepositions.

144.1. Verb "to see"

145. Halloween.

146. Self.

146.1. Verb "To think".

147. Showing concern.

148. Pronoun MY.

148.1. Verb "To make".

149. Sale, discounts.

149.1. Verb "To live".

150. Pronoun YOUR.

150.1. Verb "To do".

Speaking Russian 16(SR16)

151. His. Her(s). Whose.

151.1. Verb "to look".

152. Our. Their.  

152.1. Verb "to work".

153. Ask for help.

153.1. Verb "To understand".

154. Emergency services.

154.1. Verb "понимать".

155. Often-Never-Usually.

155.1. Verb "пойти".

156. "I'm bored", "I'm cold".

156.1. Verb "спросить".

157. In the kitchen.

157.1. Verb "дать".

158. "Bless you!"

158.1. Verb "давать".

159.  Already. Yet.

159.1. Verb "получить".

160. Prepositions IN-AT 

160.1. Verb СИДЕТЬ 

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